USC Territory #4 - Urban Curves

/ March 16, 2019

Today we turn our eyes not to the infinite space, but familiar earthly landscape. The aim of our transparent capsule-ship will be the exquisite architecture of the metropolis. We will study the waveforms of the skyscrapers, and fancy formless buildings. It is necessary to clarify that we can do that only by listening to accurate sound projections, which should fully allow us to render all the details and curves of modern urban development. Put on the headphones – we are infiltrating the city!

USC Territory #3 - Immersion

/ March 2, 2019

To accomplish this mission, our colleagues from the USC label prepared a multifunctional ship that can not only go out into outer space, but also fly in rarefied atmospheres and also plunge under water. Through the portholes we will be able to observe the life of different environments, and hear their music through the headphones. Immersion promises to be exciting and long – two hours are devoted to the study of these large-scale worlds. Keep your body prepared and proceed aboard!

USC Territory #2 - Excursion

/ February 16, 2019

The USC space shuttle is docked to the Sector space radio station. Now this is not a training alert, so we are putting together a permanent landing squad among those who survived the training flight. This time we have a excursion into an unexplored zone with deep musical forms. They are strongly intertwined into one whole mix, so you need to listen to them, find individual elements and try to classify them. We ask you to complete all personal affairs as soon as possible and prepare mentally and physically for this mission!

USC Territory #1 - Test Flight

/ February 2, 2019

The USC space shuttle with scientific equipment for musical research of novelties and other artifacts found in the vast expanses of space docks to a space radio station Sector. Our colleagues assemble a team of the most desperate recruits from the ranks of radio listeners for courageous forays into a wide variety of soundscapes and unknown musical areas. We urge you to join the ranks of sound explorers and embark on your first flight in search of fresh compositions and creative ideas.