/ July 25, 2021

Romtid Musikk • USC-RM-2107.0057 Record: July 2021 Public: 25 July 2021 Release: 25 July 2021 1st Edition: 25 July 2021 Noise Ambient

Blacky Daylight • The Noon Era

The path to truth is thorny, passing through the palisade of mistakes and dead ends. In the old days, the people themselves became an obstacle in the way of scientific knowledge – the conservative blinkered masses, led by the blinded by religion mighty of this world. Teachings questioning God’s spark and giving a natural scientific interpretation had a high chance of being declared heresy with fatal consequences for the founders. Wandering dissolutely in the labyrinth of thoughts, scientists of the past moved by touch, mixing the scientific worldview with the occult in search of true meanings. The Church then possessed full power and law, thus the theological view of the essence of being was the defining criterion of Universal acceptance. For any phenomenon and confluence of circumstances, basically, should be interpreted as a divine plan. So, born in gloomy palaces, the Science of the Name of the Lord God revealed the impossible alchemy of holy faith and exact sciences, determining for a millennium ahead the fate of the Civilization of Noon.

1 • 2:57 • Noon of the Man 2 • 5:34 • Sacral Vision 3 • 6:24 • Ceremony of Science 4 • 4:10 • A Slight Relief 5 • 5:45 • Obscurantism 6 • 6:00 • Born from Chaos 7 • 4:00 • Faith and Reason 8 • 3:50 • Condemned to Grace

Composition, keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing – Blacky Daylight Photography – Min An, Craig Adderley, Pixabay Musical and visual concept, mastering, design, artwork – USC-Team

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