/ 30 июня, 2018

Record: 2018 • Edition: 2018 • USC-WR-1806.0408 Space Ambient

log_0723: Although all possible landing scenarios have been worked out, it was not possible to avoid troubles. The clouds in this region have some unusual density, even hard ones come across. Of course, as much as we could, we avoided collision with them, but a group of smaller ones remained unnoticed. The ship got battered a bit – the thermal imager on the right board had been torn away and the isotope scanner had been damaged, which did not come in handy fortunately. log_0756: Installation of solar panels at the power plant is underway. The main module has already been made habitable and well mastered. In it, an autonomous power supply was provided in advance for such a case that it might not be possible to produce energy in a simple way. In order to get to work faster, we decided to use the backup batteries. log_0767: Hiking in the mountains went without any special incidents. The blue rocky ridges in the northeast actually turned out to be composed of volcanic glass, and the erosion over the millennia was making the surface smooth as a mirror. log_0801: Breathing without a spacesuit after so many years is unusual. The air is fresh, but is perceived alien because of the different composition. All environmental checks are completed, no significant deviations from the norm have been detected. log_0813: Traces of life have not yet been found. In this wonderful flowering world strange variegated plants do rule, many of which have turned out very toxic. In couple of kilometers a source of water have been found, which is hardly suitable without thorough filtration. However, the rain completely replenishes the need for water. It goes on a regular basis, but sunny days are also enough. So far, the planet has been gracious and hospitable...

1. Солнечная энергия = Solar Energy • 18:28 2. Первые люди на планете = First People on the Planet • 5:00 3. Внеземелье = Outland • 7:22 4. Долина хрустальных скал = Valley of the Crystal Cliffs • 6:23 5. Колония = The Colony • 24:23 6. Атмосфера = Atmosphere • 8:22 7. Новый мир = New World • 9:02

Composition, musical concept – Rigel Centaurus Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, visual concept, CGI, artwork – Andrey Hlybov

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