/ 1 ноября, 2017

Record 2017 • Public 2017 • Release 2017 • Edition 2020 USC-WR-1711.0387 • Berlin School, Ambient Vortex Mechanic - Wired Plus

“I love this place. Here, there is a unique atmosphere at any season. On that chilly summer evening when I came here with my friend Alexey, the air was especially thick and filled with bittersweet wettish freshness. Here, you fall into a special state, sitting on the recently scythed grass and looking down from the hill at power lines stretching away. It is here where several little worlds come together: a forest to the left and the right, a tiny village living its hasteless life under the hill, and the slight noise of a bustling city coming from far behind. And above, the steel giants of power line towers soaring against the darkening summer sky, which soon will be cut across by the Perseids. It is here where you take a rest from the hustle, and music itself fills your mind to later find its material form.”

— Nickolay Fedorenko, 27 August 2017

1 • 11:25 • Are You Wired? 2 • 02:28 • Giants at Work 3 • 09:25 • 60 Hz Depression 4 • 04:04 • Megawatt Circuit 5 • 06:40 • Rust 6 • 05:56 • High-Voltage Traffic

Composition, musical concept – Vortex Mechanic Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, visual concept – Alexey Markov Mastering – Mike Winchester Photography – Alexey Markov Background texture – Creativity103.com Artwork – Anna Riet

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