/ February 2, 2019

Record 2005-2017 • Public 2019 • Release 2019 • Edition 2019 USC-TY-1902.0001 • Indietronica, New Age, Smooth Jazz, Ambient USC Territory #1 - Test Flight

The USC space shuttle with scientific equipment for musical research of novelties and other artifacts found in the vast expanses of space docks to a space radio station Sector. Our colleagues assemble a team of the most desperate recruits from the ranks of radio listeners for courageous forays into a wide variety of soundscapes and unknown musical areas. We urge you to join the ranks of sound explorers and embark on your first flight in search of fresh compositions and creative ideas.

Featuring works by AlmA, Antalio, Derek Nigell, Dmitriy Samoylenko, HuNTTeRR, Mikael Kovsh, [The] Modergrade, Mornastra, Pavel Kingdom Graff, Sandrix, Secret Keys, Soft Note, Stark's Pond, Vortex Mechanic.

Conception, executive producer – Ian Gorboun Compilation, mixing – Alexander Girin Photography – João Jesus Design, artwork – Mike Winchester

This work is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free to playback, copy, distribute, broadcast, adapt and use this work otherwise. Using this work or its derivative, you must provide the author, source and license of original work in any possible way. Publishing a derivative work, you must use the same license. You are not allowed to claim that author endorses your use prior to his approval. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms while you fulfill the license terms. Some rights reserved.

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