Wintereason - Ambyroad

/ January 16, 2019

Wonder, how much time is spent in the road? In a global sense – highway, rustle of tires, water splashes from under the wheels, or snow... The road as part of life, the inner state of each. Whether it is a road to job or back, in any weather, when time goes in parallel, and summer gives way to autumn, then winter – so year after year. The road as a path for jogging in the early morning. The road as an evening walk arm in arm with a beloved, a quiet conversation about everything and nothing, or simply go along and silent. No need for words when feel the pulse under fingers, thus happy only because she is near. There are self, she and the Universe...

Stark's Pond - Life Track

/ September 9, 2018

Life may appear quite predictable and predetermined, if you do not translate it into variable values. And then it will be an inexhaustible source of high-profile events, useful knowledge, fateful meetings, incredible adventures, unexpected turns and important lessons.

Derek Nigell - Tender Twilight of Past Years

/ May 31, 2018

Our life is a maelstrom of countless events, unmatched hoards of the past, perishable heartfelt distant light in memory's corner and a part of destiny, wrapped in a shroud of years.

Tenth Cloud - Edge of Summer

/ April 17, 2018

It always ends. It always ends the same. Sometimes a couple of days earlier, sometimes a couple of days later, but always with rains and cold winds. I understand I have lived this little life and hungrily swallow these remains of happiness. I am siting here – on the very edge, on the edge of summer and dream of one thing only: to quickly start it over once again. Once again – from the beginning. And what then? And then it will be like it always is. Like always, I will be waiting for summer!

WMRI - Iolite Abyss

/ February 25, 2018

The deep-sea world contains many mysteries. It is almost unexplored, as only a few obsessed researchers went to dark depths.

Marcus Denight - Legends of the Imminent Winter

/ February 20, 2018

The silent winter chill gave sparkling tenderness. Blue freshness blazed, pushing away chains of darkness. And in this snowy tanglement the distance shone under the moonlight. Windy dreams hurried to the cold branches. Fluffy snow like shores of glowing vasts; the azure of skies is home of clearness: shaky shapes are barely visible through blueness. Round dance of memories circled loudly along with it in motion of frozen sounds in crystal icy whiteness. And there’s is incomprehensible mystery hidden in every snowflake fallen to the ground. Late sunrises meet someone’s dreams, while winter outside the window is composing a new legends — legends of the imminent winter...

Randolf Scand remixed by Derek Nigell – The Longest Stories Vol. I

/ January 28, 2018

I’ve seen the Time rushing far away, and coming sunset was its rainbow incarnation. And it was like a moment with neither hours nor minutes – everything around appeared so unexpected! And colors of the sky were raising their saturation... And the distance was burning in the residence of Time, and the clouds were coming apart before its light creations. And along with the stars emerging on the vault of heaven, the stories were being born – long and picturesque, flickering and unforgettable...

Okkulta - :deepspacetrip:

/ December 28, 2017

Cleared for takeoff. The countdown timer is ticking, and I am glad to great you, dear friends, aboard our spaceship. Our voyage is about to begin and it will be breathtaking and dangerous. We will visit the most exotic corners of our Universe and encounter something you cannot even imagine, revealing mysteries of the Deep Space — so luring and scary at the same time. And with luck we will come back alive. Mission ":deepspacetrip:", year 2017 according to the Earth calendar. Ignition! Move on!

Derek Nigell - Distant Ocean

/ December 25, 2017

Boundless ocean has opened his embrace... He shall thrill me with his tremendous majesty! He bathed tenderly the planet’s coasts with waves, and has compounded the mysteries and riddles, having hidden depths from us. He has paved the depth contour of weird tablelands and basins with nautic creatures. And sounds of magical waves, seagulls’ cry and dolphins’ voice, the low bass of whales – everything is dear to my heart! He has opened the miraculous distant world before our eyes, and enchanted us with its variety. Oh Ocean, you are endless in your magnificence! We tried so long to comprehend you: your vasts are indomitable, secrets are almost unknown, thoughts are beyond all reason! And a sailor begs for a grace taking road, while mothers and wives await for their relatives. Oh Ocean, you are the life of Earth, its salt, the embodiment of world’s harmony, I sing a hymn in your honor!