/ May 25, 2017

Record: 2013-2016 • Edition: 2019 • USC-WR-1705.0362 • Remastered Progressive Trance, Psy-Ambient

Would you like to walk through walls or fly without wings? And to move galaxies, planets and stars at will, like furniture in an apartment? It sounds fantastic, and even from the point of view of modern natural science, it is completely impossible... There is an interesting theory that our Universe is like a hologram projected into the usual three-dimensional space from other dimensions of a higher level. This does not mean that our world is illusory and unreal, but it could open different perspectives for us in the future when we come closer to understanding the structure of the world. Science knows many mysteries of the world, the answer to which is not yet known. We can only build colorful images of how things really are. The field of quantum particles reluctantly opens before us, but now we understand that we have found the key to the mechanism of the Universe. It remains only to understand how to use it and how to configure our holographic world.

01 • 1:56 • Holographic Intro 02 • 3:04 • Aquatech 03 • 3:00 • Metamorphosis 04 • 4:03 • Amusing Kitty 05 • 3:12 • Neo Alchemy 06 • 5:04 • Dark Town of Ghosts 07 • 4:53 • Sonic Rainbow 08 • 4:00 • Aquatic Element 09 • 3:47 • Alien on the Floor 10 • 3:38 • The Secret of Sands

Composition – Aquatone Keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, artwork – Andy Kloxx Remastering – Andy Kloxx, January 2019 Artwork retouch – USC-Team

This work is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free to playback, copy, distribute, broadcast, adapt and use this work otherwise. Using this work or its derivative, you must provide the author, source and license of original work in any possible way. Publishing a derivative work, you must use the same license. You are not allowed to claim that author endorses your use prior to his approval. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms while you fulfill the license terms. Some rights reserved.

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