/ March 15, 2019

Record 2018-2019 • Public 2019 • Release 2019 • Edition 2019 USC-WR-1903.0426 • Space Ambient Astrovia - Solar Nursery Vol. 2

This saga is about a very young, prehistoric solar system. We explore it to understand what the planets are like now and how they originated. But between these periods there was a completely mysterious time... What were our planets in the first two or three billion years? These were different paths of life, full of grandiose changes that led each planet to its present form. In the second part, we will discover the secret of the Phaeton died in the gravitational grip... We will fly further and see that the grandiose Jupiter was too small to light up and become a star... Let’s watch the dance of the Saturnian cloud that formed the rings. We will visit Uranus before it falls into a dream and lies down with its axis of rotation into the plane of its orbit. And let’s see how Neptune was originally located closer to the Sun than Uranus. And who knows, maybe our journey will continue...

1 • 11:02 • The Fate of Phaeton 2 • 10:21 • Jupiter’s Youth: Too Small for a Dwarf 3 • 06:16 • Saturn’s Youth: The Master of Rings 4 • 15:56 • Uranus’s Youth: Not Yet Asleep 5 • 07:18 • Neptune’s Youth: Closer to the Sun

Composition, musical concept – Astrovia Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, design, artwork – Alexander Girin

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