/ October 1, 2017

Record: 2017 • Edition: 2017 • USC-WR-1710.0380 Space Ambient, Berlin School, Electro

Cosmos – calling, mysterious, endless and magnificent... If only we could plunge into this boundless ocean of stars twinkling mystically as if they watch us from the night sky! To learn who weaves a cobweb of constellations, which helped sailors to navigate since ancient times. To dance a flying roundelay of planets in curves of Milky Way to the music of the Universe... A secret – inconceivable, enticing and fascinating! Can you hear? This is the call of distant strange worlds! Can you see? There is that star! It feels like it is sending us some message! What does it want to say? A secret... A secret... A secret... Oh how much we want to learn, to comprehend, to touch! To become a particle – a star dust particle... Where are you, the Little Prince? How's your Rose? How's the Fox? Are you happy? Answer, please! Silence... I'm here. I'm standing on the ground. I'm inhaling autumn gold. And the maple in the yard is waving to me with his last leaves-hands. Soon his applause shall fade... But, Universe! I'm still here and I hear you! I'm hearing the beat of your heart...

01 • 03:18 • Heavenly Pulsations (Intro) 02 • 09:44 • Voices of the Calling Constellations 03 • 09:14 • Chiron and Proserpina 04 • 06:33 • Having Found Serenity Beneath the Starry Skies 05 • 11:10 • Heartbeat of the Universe 06 • 08:52 • In the Shadow of Celestial Bodies 07 • 07:38 • The Nebula of Forgotten Dreams 08 • 05:30 • Goodbye, Serene Sky! (Outro)

Composition, musical concept, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, artwork — Derek Nigell Mastering — Alexander Girin

This work is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free to playback, copy, distribute, broadcast, adapt and use this work otherwise. Using this work or its derivative, you must provide the author, source and license of original work in any possible way. Publishing a derivative work, you must use the same license. You are not allowed to claim that author endorses your use prior to his approval. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms while you fulfill the license terms. Some rights reserved.

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