/ January 31, 2019

Record 2018-2019 • Public 2019 • Release 2019 • Edition 2019 USC-WR-1901.0422 • Berlin School, New Age Exalot - Air Secrets

A man broke into space and reached the Moon, while his automated spacecraft are exploring other planets of the solar system or have already left its limits. At the same time, regions almost inaccessible to research remain on Earth, one of which is the mesosphere. It is impossible to fly to it by plane or aerostat, research probes do not reach it, because the air at this altitude is too thin for their flight and at the same time too dense for the long-term presence there of instruments, launched on a ballistic trajectory. We know very little about this atmospheric layer, mainly by circumstantial evidence of its impact on radio signals, launched spacecraft and meteorological rockets, as well as on the behavior of the mysterious silver clouds which occur only there. It is assumed that there are kilometer-long waves and powerful vortex flows at these altitudes, as a result of which their unique silhouette is formed, resembling a cosmic nebulae. And at this moment, we, having reached the planets and their satellites, passionately trying to find the edge of the Universe, are standing, glaring at this fascinating spectacle unable to break away, and remembering that we still don’t know all the secrets of our home planet, or rather, we don’t know a damn much... But we will definitely get to know!

1 • 07:41 • Ibrihun 2 • 07:55 • Cosmic Rain 3 • 12:40 • Lonely Thron 4 • 06:03 • Sad Serenity 5 • 12:56 • Cosmic Astral 6 • 09:49 • Fire and Fiola 7 • 05:42 • Air Secrets 8 • 09:53 • A Dream in the White Night

Composition – Exalot Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, writing, arrangement, mixing, CGI, artwork – Mikhail Exalot

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