/ January 28, 2018

Record: 2009-2018 • Edition: 2018 • USC-WR-1801.0401 Space Ambient, Berlin School

I’ve seen the Time rushing far away, and coming sunset was its rainbow incarnation. And it was like a moment with neither hours nor minutes – everything around appeared so unexpected! And colors of the sky were raising their saturation... And the distance was burning in the residence of Time, and the clouds were coming apart before its light creations. And along with the stars emerging on the vault of heaven, the stories were being born – long and picturesque, flickering and unforgettable... The origins of truth are profound. Dipping the flickering wisdom, Having reaped fruits, you suffer hassle Of flowing impetuous grief...

01.Part I - Premonition (Overture) (2:18) 02.Part II - Prophecy (Story) (13:18) 03.Part III - Enlightenment (Interlude) (4:54) 04.Part IV - Infinity (Story) (10:55) 05.Part V - Finding (Interlude) (4:10) 06.Part VI - Insight (Story) (15:26) 07.Part VII - Eternity (Epilogue) (5:35)

Composition – Randolf Scand Album remix, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording – Derek Nigell Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mastering, painting, artwork – Alexander Girin Artwork retouch – USC-Team

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