/ September 9, 2020

Record 2019-2020 • Public 2020 • Release 2020 • Edition 2020 USC-WR-2009.0450 • Berlin School, Progressive Rock Vortex Mechanic - Adaptive Lives

The world is changing. The world is changing rapidly. Even in the wildest fantasies, it was impossible to predict that it would happen that way. We have become different. Our life has transformed: we began to live by different rules, to make different decisions. But everything that has not changed, like déjà vu, pops up in memory and becomes so clear and frightening. We are adapting. We are adapting our life. Events go by like in a kaleidoscope, events that are meaningful, but incomprehensible and inexplicable. And there is not even time to look back and understand the meaning of what is happening. We are in a hurry. We are in an unrestrained hurry. We are in a hurry to adapt our life to what is happening. The world is changing rapidly and without any hope for the past!

01 • 08:20 • Invaders Watching Over You 02 • 03:50 • Taking the Empty Train 03 • 06:20 • Fog Over the Railroad 04 • 07:20 • Naked Under the Moon 05 • 04:50 • Burn with Liquid Fire 06 • 06:40 • Jumping the Escape Train 07 • 06:30 • Entrance to the Outside 08 • 06:25 • Eternal Summer Place 09 • 07:20 • Words Said Have Gone 10 • 10:50 • Living at the Edge 11 • 04:25 • Distant Objects are Sometimes Closer 12 • 05:10 • Homeward Perambulation

Musical and visual conception, composition – Vortex Mechanic Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing – Alexey Markov Photography – Anatoliy Laptev VM logo design – Vasiliy Bo Mastering, design, artwork – Mike Winchester

This work is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free to playback, copy, distribute, broadcast, adapt and use this work otherwise. Using this work or its derivative, you must provide the author, source and license of original work in any possible way. Publishing a derivative work, you must use the same license. You are not allowed to claim that author endorses your use prior to his approval. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms while you fulfill the license terms. Some rights reserved.

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