/ June 10, 2018

Record 2018 • Public 2018 • Release 2018 • Edition 2020 Romtid Musikk • USC-RM-1806.0001 • Ambient Ambicon - Første Lys

The first light opens the forest, as it has already happened millions of times. As if by divine intervention, the rays of the Sun penetrate under the thick crowns of trees, announcing the beginning of a new day. The morning forest fills with the voices of birds who share their impressions of a safe past night and the beginning of the day. Sunny bunnies from a running stream jump on the branches of trees and leaves, illuminating with their warm touches all the creatures. The fog has cleared, leaving the earth and grass covered with dewdrops, which will become life-giving moisture for everyone. Sounds become louder and more distinct as the sun enters common mode. But this does not affect the calmness and uniform course of life in the forest at all as everything goes by design. Even an easy playful breeze is not able to make any significant changes to the established way. Everything that happens in this forest is absolutely predictable, stable and unchanging. He was very lucky in his position in the southern latitudes under the protection of powerful mountain ranges. Obviously, nothing threatens his safety, because he is God's favorite forest.

1 • 12:25 • Første Lys 2 • 09:55 • Løp av Glitrer 3 • 09:20 • Den Guddommelige Nærvær 4 • 12:50 • Avbøyningsspeil

Composition – Ambicon Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, mixing – Søren Bergstrøm Photography – Damesophie Artwork – USC-Team

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