/ March 16, 2019

Record 2010-2018 • Public 2019 • Release 2019 • Edition 2020 USC-TY-1903.0004 • Indietronica, IDM, Industrial, Dubstep USC Territory #4 - Urban Curves

Today we turn our eyes not to the infinite space, but familiar earthly landscape. The aim of our transparent capsule-ship will be the exquisite architecture of the metropolis. We will study the waveforms of the skyscrapers, and fancy formless buildings. It is necessary to clarify that we can do that only by listening to accurate sound projections, which should fully allow us to render all the details and curves of modern urban development. Put on the headphones – we are infiltrating the city!

Featuring works by Antalio, Hidelight, Mabi, Mornastra, Obscurea, One Day of February, Over-Load, Radio Silence, Randolf Scand, Redgloam, Saty, The Dead Process, Tornfly, Vitaliy Baldych.

Conception, executive producer – Ian Gorboun Compilation, mixing – Alexander Girin Photography – Jin Li Design, artwork – Mike Winchester

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