/ March 24, 2021

USC Unlimited • USC-WR-2103.0464 Record: February – March 2001 Public: 24 March 2001 Release: 24 March 2021 1st, 20th Anniversary Edition: 24 March 2021 Traditional Electronic

Randolf Scand • Reversal

When events turn back and time itself moves in the reverse, when the Sun rises in the west, and the last morning stars become the first evening stars, then all knowledge about the world becomes useless. What remained only the property of memory comes back to life from nothing and becomes reality. Then the rivers flow back into the mountains, freeze and climb to the top with an avalanche. And the wind really blows because the trees are swaying! Right before our eyes, the building is being taken apart into bricks, and they, in turn, crumble into sand... What an obsession? Some kind of witchcraft! Or a mad scientist finally managed to create his hellish machine and decided to launch this universal paradox... And now, perhaps, the tangle of history will continue to spin in the opposite direction until it reaches a point in time when something needs to be radically changed. The gravity of that critical moment made all the clocks in the Universe go backwards... We have to find out and save the world... Once again...

1 • 3:53 • First Evening Star 2 • 3:06 • Canto 3 • 9:09 • Reversal 4 • 5:10 • Never Seen Here Before 5 • 6:06 • Remembrance 6 • 2:36 • Guerrilla War

Composition – Randolf Scand Synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering, CGI, artwork – Alexander Girin Artwork retouch – USC-Team

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