/ April 30, 2021

USC Unlimited • USC-WR-2104.0465 Record: 2018 – January 2021 Public: 30 April 2021 Release: 30 April 2021 1st Edition: 30 April 2021 Indietronica

Stark’s Pond • Four

Stark’s Pond is my field for electronic music experiments and my favorite brainchild. The style and sound of the new album is the result of the development of the project over 10 years of its existence. These tracks are free from drama, but still carry positive and melodic elements. The Stark’s Pond project does not adhere to any particular musical style and is difficult to genre classification, but this music is definitely euphonious and pleasant to listen to. In the new longplay there was a place not only for 'summer' tracks in the style of previous releases (Exp, Mahe Seaside 2.0), compositions with a dance rhythm (Motion, And the Mystery Remains), but also for leisurely deep tracks (A New Matter, Lost in the Woodz), as well as experimenting with style (I Never Dreamt, action movie Espionage, near-religious Not the Only One). After the endless icy and grueling winter of 2021, I want this music to breathe a warm spring-summer mood into listeners.

01 • 5:20 • Motion 02 • 5:18 • Exp 03 • 4:25 • A New Matter 04 • 5:58 • And the Mystery Remains 05 • 2:08 • Event (Dark Interlude) 06 • 5:39 • Lost in the Woodz 07 • 6:06 • Espionage 08 • 5:28 • I’ve Never Dreamt 09 • 4:56 • Mahe Seaside 2.0 10 • 6:38 • Not the Only One

Composition – Stark’s Pond Synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, artwork – Ivan Sazhin

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