/ February 28, 2021

USC Unlimited • USC-WR-2102.0462 Record: November 2000 – February 2001 Public: 20 February 2001 Release: 28 February 2021 1st, 20th Anniversary Edition: 28 February 2021 Traditional Electronic

Randolf Scand • White Magic Show

Change is the only constant in this world. Creation and destruction are just two qualities of one process, inevitably intertwined with each other. A grandiose representation of a world of changing forms unfolds throughout the universe, and this is white magic that generates life. The death of whole worlds happens, but also the birth of new ones from cosmic ash. We observe it with the naked eye, through a microscope and a telescope. What the different scales and speeds are indeed! But also cosmic processes cannot be understood without immersion in the secrets of the atom. At the same time, man as a species remains a mystery, although even the principles of the development of nuclear reactions and the Metagalaxy are clear. Changes in the external world at least can be contemplated objectively, while changes in oneself are sometimes experienced by a person as the destruction of the whole world... Our consciousness is apparently controlled by the same amazing and elusive white magic, as on any scale actually.

1 • 1:46 • Revival of Heaven 2 • 8:41 • The Highest School 3 • 3:34 • Changing Again 4 • 3:55 • The Apocalypse 5 • 3:56 • Escaping from the Perishing World 6 • 3:37 • Into the Unknown 7 • 2:57 • Seed of Life 8 • 2:00 • Exhausted by Vice

Composition – Randolf Scand Synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork – Alexander Girin Artwork retouch – USC-Team

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