/ January 31, 2021

USC Unlimited • USC-WR-2101.0461 Record: January 2018 – June 2020 Public: 31 January 2021 Release: 31 January 2021 1st Edition: 31 January 2021 Spacesynth, New Age

Aquatone • Shining Snowflakes

Leaning against the wall and closing your eyes, you feel that winter is already on the doorstep: and she has brought a casket of new stories along. A lazy dim light oozes through the frosty window, and the orphan, barely discernible shadow of an old spruce falls to the floor. You open the door and let in the bracing frosty air, enshrouding with an enchanting fragrance of freshness and novelty. Sparkling in the light, weightless snowflakes whirl and cover everything around with a sparkling fluffy blanket, as if inviting to start everything from scratch... Winter is calling outdoors, and there..! Strings of swift snowflake-dancers glide intertwining over soft contours of white dunes. Familiar objects take the form of bizarre sculptures that are lost in the kingdom of the blizzard. Ghostly silhouettes appear on the celestial screen in a format of absolute clarity that only Tsarina Nature can afford to work with. Welcome to the winter season!

1 • 5:10 • Echoes of the 80s 2 • 5:36 • The Grail of the Messiah 3 • 6:21 • Shining Snowflakes 4 • 4:02 • Silent Night

Composition – Aquatone Keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering – Andy Kloxx CGI – Gerd Altmann, Anja Osenberg Design, artwork – Anna Riet

This work is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free to playback, copy, distribute, broadcast, adapt and use this work otherwise. Using this work or its derivative, you must provide the author, source and license of original work in any possible way. Publishing a derivative work, you must use the same license. You are not allowed to claim that author endorses your use prior to his approval. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms while you fulfill the license terms. Some rights reserved.

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