/ October 31, 2020

USC Unlimited • USC-WR-2010.0452 Record: November 2019 – October 2020 Public: 31 October 2020 Release: 31 October 2020 1st Edition: 31 October 2020 Berlin School, Progressive Rock

Vortex Mechanic • Expansive Lives

Our lives are passing like water through fingers. We live each moment as if there is an eternity ahead, as if there is an entire ocean of life inside us and it will never end. We have neither time nor energy to stop and understand, realize our own life... By expanding our knowledge, we expand our capabilities, which means we expand our lives... Is human life really just a moment against the background of eternity? Is humanity really insignificant in its existence and its lives? What should happen to humanity, how should it expand its existence to the level of the Universe? We live in small joys, everyday life – happy and unhappy at the same time. We burn our lives and go into oblivion...

01 • 4:30 • Victim of Life 02 • 2:48 • We are Drifting Again 03 • 5:56 • Orbital Breakfast 04 • 6:02 • Dating on Native Peaks 05 • 3:05 • Traffic at the Transfer Station 06 • 5:35 • Next Train to Dream Land 07 • 7:14 • Dancing in a Secluded Place 08 • 4:00 • Rain Behind My Window 09 • 5:48 • The Grateful Escapade 10 • 4:20 • Here Come the Ether Jets 11 • 8:48 • Every Time Polina Smiles 12 • 3:46 • Extreme Balance Play 13 • 7:40 • Walking the Blunt Blade 14 • 4:15 • Illuminating Reveries 15 • 4:13 • From Eternity to Eternity

Musical and visual conception, composition – Vortex Mechanic Keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing – Alexey Markov Photography – Anatoliy Laptev Design [VM logo] – Vasiliy Bo Additional mixing, mastering, design, artwork – Mike Winchester

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